In my experience, good storytelling is actually best learned through what not to do. Really learn to criticize—not hate—everything you consume. When something is bad, ask yourself why is it bad, and try to come up with different ways it could’ve been improved, even if it’s just for thought exercises (who knows? You may even inspire yourself a really good idea for a story too). If it’s already good, criticize it anyway, because then it teaches you how to always look more deeply in general and teaches you to think.


THIS. I mean the general philosophy goes for a lot of things as well…like how life in general is kind of “well there’s no one RIGHT way to live it but there’s are lot of obviously wrong ways!” Mostly though it is very, very applicable to what I’m trying to figure out with storytelling— I think you are all seeing how much I’m struggling with CODA and how it’s a lot of “WELL that didn’t work out LET’S TRY THIS INSTEAD!!” And a lot of criticism is…I have learned that I don’t have to agree with the exact detail of criticism but to pay attention because the criticisms are usually dead-on in what I need to work on. As in not the “how to change” necessarily, because that tend to vary too much between people, but “what to change”. Similarly I’m trying to learn look at the stories that I’m reading / watching and trying to figure out why somethings are really good and others are really terrible. It’s an on-going process.

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